We Did Not Always Make Merry at Christmas

It is that time of year again, and apart from the religious significance of the day, there is the secular aspect of days off, possible Christmas bonuses, money spent on gifts and travel, travel, travel.[…]

The First Kid to See Star Wars…

There are moments in your life that shine like stars in the darkness and light your path and as you remember your past.  Such memories are safely couched in the narrative of your youth and[…]

Lithobolia – The Stone-Throwing Demons of Great Island

Today, New Castle is a small town of 2.4 square miles at the mouth of the Piscataqua River in New Hampshire bordering the neighboring state of Maine. Today, only 968 people call the town home.[…]

The Red-Headed Spectre of Route 44

No one knows his name. No one knows his motives. All that is known is where he lingers, what he looks like, how he haunts the living and the circumstances under which he appears. This[…]

The Luckiest Man in Old New England – Timothy Dexter

Have you ever known an extremely lucky person, a character so unlikely to be successful due to a perceived lack of wit, money, talent, and education as to be the poster boy for failure? Still,[…]

Tales of Gluskabe: The King of The Ghosts

This October, Strange New England will cover ghost stories in a special series of articles with a theme befitting Halloween (or The Day of the Dead, if you celebrate it). We will talk about those[…]

Out of Place Artifact: The Story of the Dorchester Pot

Out of place artifacts are items, objects or curiosities that are out of place or out of time. They seem to occur or are discovered at random times and places, for no apparent rhyme or[…]

Revisiting the Incident at Exeter

New Hampshire has always held a fascination for me, but it’s not the mountains or the live free or die attitude. It’s not the New Hampshire Motor Speedway or Strawberry Banke, either. As a young[…]

Pogunuk: The Lost Assassins of The Northeast

Upon conducting more research into the lore of the Wabanaki Confederacy, I stumbled across a very noteworthy legend of an obscure figure shrouded in mystery. This is a being who is a close friend to[…]

The Dark Legacy of Hiram Maxim and the Devil’s Paintbrush

Here’s a quick question that will make you wonder: which son of Maine has affected more lives upon the planet than any other? Seems like a silly idea, really, perhaps because there is no real[…]