People Are Just Dying to Rest in This Place…Country’s First Hotel Room Crypt

If you have the taste of such a thing, you and your loved one can spend the night in the region’s latest boutique hotel. People are just dying to get a room there. Really. Or[…]

The Kiwakwa (or Chenoo): Maine’s White Walkers

This morning, I was surprised to see an article on the Bangor Daily News website about “Bigfoot”: the creature that everyone thinks about whenever the word ‘cryptid’ comes to mind. In the article, Daniel S.[…]

Large Triangular UFO Spotted in Orrington,Maine

The folks at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) are reporting a large UFO spotted in Orrington just off the Snows Corner Road on the evening of June 13. Known as case number 66464, it describes a[…]