Tales of Gluskabe: The King of The Ghosts

This October, Strange New England will cover ghost stories in a special series of articles with a theme befitting Halloween (or The Day of the Dead, if you celebrate it). We will talk about those[…]

Pogunuk: The Lost Assassins of The Northeast

Upon conducting more research into the lore of the Wabanaki Confederacy, I stumbled across a very noteworthy legend of an obscure figure shrouded in mystery. This is a being who is a close friend to[…]

The Owl Husband: Maine’s Beauty and The Beast

So far, Strange New England has brought you stories of the weird, the dark or the magical. Misplaced viking coins, mysterious sources of untapped energy and head-hunting sorcerers have all found a place on this[…]

Meet Gluskabe: New England’s Original Big Friendly Giant

So far on this blog, mysterious monsters, misplaced artifacts and many more goings-on have been mentioned and described. While some are strange events, others from a wilder time would speak of frightening monsters that would[…]

The Maine Penny – The Only Pre-Columbian Norse Artifact?

In the smallest of things, great stories abide. In 1957 near Blue Hill, Maine, a local man named Guy Mellgren unearthed an artifact that either proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Vikings reached[…]

Madahodo-The Headhunter of Aroostook County

Anyone who researches Maine history closely enough will learn that Maine has been inhabited by people for 10,000 years. This makes many of the Native American stories told about this area as than merely good[…]

The Kiwakwa (or Chenoo): Maine’s White Walkers

This morning, I was surprised to see an article on the Bangor Daily News website about “Bigfoot”: the creature that everyone thinks about whenever the word ‘cryptid’ comes to mind. In the article, Daniel S.[…]


If anyone decides to travel inland from Maine’s coast, it is hard to find buildings that tower over the trees. Yet, at the right vantage points, it is easy to see rolling hills and mountains[…]