To Step Off the Map

If you live in New England, sooner or later you’ll have this experience: you’ll find yourself driving down a road you’ve driven a hundred times before and you’ll notice something is different. At first, you[…]

People Are Just Dying to Rest in This Place…Country’s First Hotel Room Crypt

If you have the taste of such a thing, you and your loved one can spend the night in the region’s latest boutique hotel. People are just dying to get a room there. Really. Or[…]

William Henry Chaney: the Strange Journey of Jack London’s Father

Anyone who has completed high school in the English speaking world knows of the work of the great American author, Jack London. The man who brought the world such timeless adventure classics as The Call of[…]

The Execution of Ruth Blay

In the deep darkness of the early morning, a young woman lies on the floor of the house near her schoolroom, her brow is beaded with sweat and her body is with pain. Her brow is wrinkled[…]

The Maine Penny – The Only Pre-Columbian Norse Artifact?

In the smallest of things, great stories abide. In 1957 near Blue Hill, Maine, a local man named Guy Mellgren unearthed an artifact that either proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Vikings reached[…]

The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich

A cure for  the common cold and cancer, the power to bring rain down from the clouds,  arguably the worst case of U.S. government censorship and book-burning, UFOs and a weapon of mass destruction using[…]

UFOs Over Northern Maine – The 1975 Loring UFO Incident

On October 27 and 28, 1975, events occurred in the northern part of the State of Maine that remain as inexplicable today as they did at the time. The media at the time reported that[…]

The Phantom Hitchhiker of the Haynesville Woods

“There’s a stretch of road up north in Maine that’s never, ever, ever seen a smile.” -Dick Curless “Tombstone Every Mile” You find yourself alone on a journey, feeling somewhat lost as the houses seemed[…]

The Sarcophagus of Rufus Dwinel

Graveyards are full of stories, most of which will never be told because they lie forgotten along with the resting dead. If we’re lucky, some stories gain the status of lore and legend and though[…]

Large Triangular UFO Spotted in Orrington,Maine

The folks at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) are reporting a large UFO spotted in Orrington just off the Snows Corner Road on the evening of June 13. Known as case number 66464, it describes a[…]