William Henry Chaney: the Strange Journey of Jack London’s Father

Anyone who has completed high school in the English speaking world knows of the work of the great American author, Jack London. The man who brought the world such timeless adventure classics as The Call of[…]

The Seven O’Clock Man: The French-Canadian Bogeyman

In the early days of European settlement, the French people were among the first of Europe’s nations to interact with the Wabanaki federation of tribes. While some European nations took a more brutal approach to[…]

The Owl Husband: Maine’s Beauty and The Beast

So far, Strange New England has brought you stories of the weird, the dark or the magical. Misplaced viking coins, mysterious sources of untapped energy and head-hunting sorcerers have all found a place on this[…]

The Execution of Ruth Blay

In the deep darkness of the early morning, a young woman lies on the floor of the house near her schoolroom, her brow is beaded with sweat and her body is with pain. Her brow is wrinkled[…]

Maine’s Only Lynching and the Skull of Big Jim Cullen

Though I lived most of my life in Caribou, I never heard the story of the hanging of big Jim Cullen that took place in Mapleton, a small town twenty-two miles west of my home.[…]

Meet Gluskabe: New England’s Original Big Friendly Giant

So far on this blog, mysterious monsters, misplaced artifacts and many more goings-on have been mentioned and described. While some are strange events, others from a wilder time would speak of frightening monsters that would[…]

The Maine Penny – The Only Pre-Columbian Norse Artifact?

In the smallest of things, great stories abide. In 1957 near Blue Hill, Maine, a local man named Guy Mellgren unearthed an artifact that either proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Vikings reached[…]

The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich

A cure for  the common cold and cancer, the power to bring rain down from the clouds,  arguably the worst case of U.S. government censorship and book-burning, UFOs and a weapon of mass destruction using[…]