Madahodo-The Headhunter of Aroostook County

Anyone who researches Maine history closely enough will learn that Maine has been inhabited by people for 10,000 years. This makes many of the Native American stories told about this area as than merely good[…]

UFOs Over Northern Maine – The 1975 Loring UFO Incident

On October 27 and 28, 1975, events occurred in the northern part of the State of Maine that remain as inexplicable today as they did at the time. The media at the time reported that[…]

The Phantom Hitchhiker of the Haynesville Woods

“There’s a stretch of road up north in Maine that’s never, ever, ever seen a smile.” -Dick Curless “Tombstone Every Mile” You find yourself alone on a journey, feeling somewhat lost as the houses seemed[…]

The Kiwakwa (or Chenoo): Maine’s White Walkers

This morning, I was surprised to see an article on the Bangor Daily News website about “Bigfoot”: the creature that everyone thinks about whenever the word ‘cryptid’ comes to mind. In the article, Daniel S.[…]


If anyone decides to travel inland from Maine’s coast, it is hard to find buildings that tower over the trees. Yet, at the right vantage points, it is easy to see rolling hills and mountains[…]

The Sarcophagus of Rufus Dwinel

Graveyards are full of stories, most of which will never be told because they lie forgotten along with the resting dead. If we’re lucky, some stories gain the status of lore and legend and though[…]

Large Triangular UFO Spotted in Orrington,Maine

The folks at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) are reporting a large UFO spotted in Orrington just off the Snows Corner Road on the evening of June 13. Known as case number 66464, it describes a[…]