To Step Off the Map

If you live in New England, sooner or later you’ll have this experience: you’ll find yourself driving down a road you’ve driven a hundred times before and you’ll notice something is different. At first, you[…]

The Ghost of Catherine’s Hill

The cold wind blows across the empty fields. The trees have shed their rusted leaves and the moon plays hide and go seek with the thin and wispy clouds. It’s the time of year when[…]

Men in Black in Maine – The 1976 Herbert Hopkins Case

It is September 11, 1976. You are sitting quietly in a living room near Maine’s Old Orchard Beach. The sea air is strangely balmy as you settle down for a quiet evening. Your wife and[…]

Death Knocks Three Times

It won’t be long now. The night winds begin to gather the chill that will eventually drill into our bones once the damp, grey skies of November gather overhead, anchoring us to the sunset and[…]

Was She Buried Alive? The Strange Tale of Mary Howe

How do we knew when a body is truly dead? Modern science shows us that the body dies slowly, not all at once as we used to suppose. It takes time. The body is a[…]

High Strangeness in Old New England – The Spectre Leaguers of Cape Ann

The great 19th century American poet, John Greenleaf Whittier, composed a strange poem entitled “The Garrison of Cape Ann” that tells one of the strangest tales ever to come from colonial New England. The event[…]

America’s First Ghost – The Machiasport Haunting

The three men made their way down the lonely trail that skirted the fields outside of Machiasport, Maine. These hills were wide open and bare, but the trees in the distance belied a deep forest toward[…]

The Great Saltwater Gold Hoax of Lubec, Maine

Gold forms in the heart of dying stars and as a result of their explosions, or novas, it is spread throughout the cosmos as one of the heavier elements. All the gold on earth no[…]

The Earliest-Born Human Ever Photographed – Waldoboro’s Conrad Heyer

We are visual creatures linked to the world through images, taking in most of our knowledge through our vision. The poets speak of the eyes as being the windows of the soul. Religious folk will[…]

The Billdad – Maine’s Own Marsupial?

Boundary Pond is a small, unassuming body of water in the northeastern corner of Maine. It is almost touching Quebec, earning the pond it’s name sake. It has an outlet called “Boundary Brook” that meanders[…]